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Mr. Akash

About Rebel Spoken English

"Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam" India has been giving this message to the world for decades. This world has become a village and definitely we need a language to communicate with one another because language decreases the distance between two people. Every country has its own language but globalization has brought people closer and provided us a nice platform to bring harmony of the world. As language and communication has been given to the human being which always makes this creature different from others so we need a language to communicate with the world and This language is "ENGLISH". This has been the research of some language's expert when you know and discuss in some different language, your skills improve. That is why those who are linguistics have become great person of the world.


BIHAR gave birth to Mahatma Buddha and every year thousands of foreigners come here and touch this land as a pious land and the story of Samrat Ashok always make us proud that we are the citizens of this state. Many more stories always glorifies us to love our Bihar and if you go through the present scenario Bihar produces most number of engineers, Doctors , IAS officers etc and if we improve our skills, we will rock in all over the world. HERE we have 4 months course for everybody and if you consider yourself poor you are given some special attention. Our unique idea and down to earth methodology make you feel comfortable and its first step of learning where you should not have any confusion because language is spoken with sense. Hence REBEL SPOKEN ENGLISH inculcates and motivates the students to improve their communication skills. Initially it helps the students to remove their hesitation so that they could feel comfortable to continue. As language is learnt easily by the surroundings and environments, REBEL SPOKEN ENGLISH creates friendly environments for the students and they never feel hesitation to speak English. Its motivation and different activities inject even poor students to think that this English language can be understood easily.