Offered CoursesCourses At Rebel

Foundation Course

Our foundation course starts with you. We start course with you performance. The state like bihar where students think they are poor at English but in most cases they are not poor they have only hesitation. If they are found poor, we give them special attention and they feel free to learn.

Intermediate Course

Our intermediate course starts with your small activities. We involve the students in some activities and they are trained with some structure and words power. They start performing within 15 days as our honesty and care make them comfortable. The students who come for this course have only hesitation. They already know basic English and they need only some proper guidance.

Advance Course

Here we start with giving them some opportunity to perform. Just as we can learn swimming by jumping in the river in the same way speaking English always need your performance. We provide them different opportunity to perform like Talk show, Role play, Parliamentary Debate, GD, Debate many more.


Accent Training

In Bihar MTI(Mother Tongue Influence) irritates the students a lot but it is also fact that all the countries have their own accent and it is very hard to accept it quickly. It needs year of learning but we focus on neutral accent which is acceptable in all over the world. We train the students with phonetic symbols and motivate them to listen a lot. We provide them some audios and video so that they can carry it in their smart phones and laptop to listen it regularly.

Phonetic Symbols

We impart them the knowledge of phonetic symbols. We provide them a chart of IPA(International Phonetic Alphbets) and with the help of these IPA they hel p themselves to remove their MTI and they gain their pronunciation.

Voice Intonation


This is the one of the best features of our courses. Students are not qualified with E-learning. With this quality we try to persuade them to watch and listen some videos and audios. It helps them to improve their wisdom, intonation and skills. Here not only English videos are shown but some motivations videos are also shown. Students are energized by this way and they get motivated to do some thing for their society and nation.