Phrasal Verbs [Number of Phrasal Verbs : 8]
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Fill (someone) in — To give someone the details about something. (Is usually separated by the person getting filled in). “Quickly, let’s go! There’s no time to explain, I’ll fill you in on the way.” Fill up — To become completely full. “The little girl filled up on candy before dinner, and didn’t want to eat any of the chicken. Get away — To escape. You may have heard the phrase “getaway car.” That’s the car used by criminals to run away from a crime scene, like a bank robbery. “Carmen’s neighbor tried to show her pictures of all her cats, but Carmen managed to get away.” Get around — To solve a problem by avoiding the main issue. This phrase can also be used very informally to refer to someone who has many sexual partners. As you can imagine, it’s not very nice to say that someone “gets around”! Give out — This phrase can mean to break down or stop working, or to hand out or distribute something. To stop working: “The city had to rebuild the bridge completely, because it was about to give out and fall down.” To distribute: “He has a lot of contacts because he gives out his business card to everyone he meets.” Give in — To surrender, especially in a fight or argument. “Ben’s mother gave in and let him stay out late with his friends.” Give away — To hand things out for free. (Can be separated by the item being given away.) “When Linda’s cat had kittens, she gave them all away to good homes.” Give up — To stop trying, surrender. “After two weeks of trying to build my own table, I gave up and just bought one.”

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