My Friend - Mark
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I have a friend. His name is Mark. Mark is a very intelligent and smart boy. He likes reading motivational books and listening to gazals. He everyday studies for 5 hours at home. He respects his elders and obeys his parents. He sometimes gives helping hand to his mother to finish chore. He wants to be a manager in any reputed nationals or multinationals company. That’s why he is preparing for (CAT) Combined Admission Test. Mark’s father works in TISCO Jamshedpur. While his mother teaches English in a school in Jamshedpur. Mark has a younger brother who studies in 10th and a younger sister who studies in standard 7th. Mark has a lot of good qualities. He goes for a morning walk everyday that’s why he is fit and strong. He believes in hard work and not in fate. Mark is optimist and ambivert person. He is also amiable and social. He helps needy person but he does not give alms to beggars because he is against begging. Mark lives away from the home but time to time he goes to meet his parents. Mark also tries to speak to his friends in English that’s why his all friends love him and like him. His all friends go to Mark’s room to do G.D. which is very necessary for CAT. Mark reads newspapers (TOI) and Business magazines everyday. Mark is confident and hard working. He is emotional and credulous. That is his weakness. He is theist but not fanatic. He wants to rise high in his life. He also wants to bring name and fame for his parents and his nation. I know one day Mark will fulfill his all the dreams by hard work and his intelligence. May God make his dreams come true!

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