The use of electricity
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Our knowledge of science is growing fast. Man is making the best use of his knowledge of science. Many of the wonders of science have been possible only because of electricity. Many of the discoveries and inventions are based on electricity. Scientists are trying to discover the secrets of Nature with the help of electricity. They have controlled the wild forces of Nature. They have mastered them. Man is moving ahead to establish a new world of energy. All this happens because of electricity. Electricity is very important for us. It helps doctors in curing many terrible diseases like cancer and paralysis. Bell invented the telephone. Our life has become worth living because of all these things. Electricity is used for light. It is used for warming and air-conditioning the rooms. Science has given us radio and TV sets. Electricity is at the roof of all these inventions. They have shortened the distance of time and space. The whole world has become a small place to live in. The radio and the TV are the sources of recreations. Children are given education through radios and TV sets. Electricity helps us in various ways. It has helped us a lot in the field of photography. Trams and electric trains run with the help of electricity. Thus electricity has become part of our life. It has created wonders. The progress of the world depends on electricity. Man stands indebted to this power for ever.

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