Is Science a Blessing?
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The modern world is a world of science. Science has changed the face of the earth. It has given us comforts. It has also given us bombs and weapons. Science tries to discover the secrets of nature. The distance of time and space has been shortened. Now New York and Bombay have become quite close to each other. Thus, science appears to be a blessing. Science has solved many of our problems. Today we have fast-moving aeroplanes. High mountains have no problems. We can cross them easily. We have ships. We can easily cross deep seas today. Now floods and famines create no problem for us. Rivers have been tamed. Science has made our life style easy. It has given us railway trains, cars, jeeps, rockets and many other things. Science has made the world small. The radio and the TV are two the important gifts of science. We have films for entertainment. Thus we enjoy life in so many ways. With the help of the telephone we can talk to our friends at far-off places. We have lots of things of comforts. One of the most useful things that science has given us is electricity. Electricity turns the night into a day. It moves fans and gives us relief from heat. It runs machines. It is of great help in medical and engineering fields. But the knowledge of science has given birth to horrible weapons. Our life has become most insecure today. Machineguns, war planes, bombs missiles and other deadly weapons have increased the possibility of an atomic war. But science is not to blame for al this. If we use the knowledge of science for the good of human beings, it will be a great blessing to us. If not, it will destroy the whole world.

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